About Us

Welcome to InstaRents – The new era of renting Home Appliances Online.

Having big plans of buying new appliances, then give it a full stop now! Why buy, when you can rent them from us. The best part about InstaRents is that you can rent products as per your convenience.We are here to give you a comfortable life in a way that is affordable & easily accessible to everyone.

Gone are the days when people lived for years in one location and stayed at a job for decades. We live in a high-energy, rotational, and fast-moving world. Our career keeps us on the move from one city to another, and we face a lot of trouble each timewhen it comes to equipping our home & also whileselling our old appliance which are asked for at the price of a peanut. That got us thinking and laid the foundation stones for InstaRentswith a motto of being the most reliable, hassle free & affordable website for help with your appliance needs.

The company has tied up with many small businesses for its products. This helps the company reduce the inventory burden. By being an online marketplace, the company is also looking to provide visibility to offline sellers.