Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I place an order?

To place an order you should first register on our website and then add the selected products to “My cart”. Proceed with online payment and once your payment is processed you will receive an email & a text message confirming your order. On confirmation of your order, you need to submit your documents such as photo ID and address proof via the link recieved. Once your documents are verified successfully, we shall call you to fix a convenient time for delivery.

2) What are the documents to be submitted?

The documents required are:

  • Photo ID proof: Aadhar Card.
  • Local Address proof (any one): House Rent Agreement / Bank statement / Address proof on company letter head / NOC from landlord.
  • Permanent Address proof (any one): Passport/ Driving license.
  • Social Profile link (any one): Facebook/LinkedIn.

Please note that documents submission is mandatory for commencement of contract.

3) Can I rent a product for 1 month?

Yes, of course. You can rent products from our multiple renting tenures including 1 day / 1week/ 1month options which makes your renting easy. Selected products can be rented for one day as well.

4) From where should I collect the product?

All products ordered with us will be delivered at your doorstep for FREE. (However, products rented for 1 month or lesser tenure will be delivered with minimal charges).

5) Any Labor Charges applicable?

No, until the product handling requires extra effort in delivery due to nonoperational lift or carrying products through staircase etc.

6) Do you provide new products?

Most of our Products are new or very sparingly used, depending on the availability new or as good as new products will be delivered. We always perform rigorous quality check on each of our product before delivery in order to provide best customer satisfaction.

7) When will my security deposit be refunded?

Post product pickup we assess the product for any damages, if no damages found we initiate refund of security deposits. The amount will be credited to your bank accounts within 3-7 banking days.

8) What if the product gets damaged?

  • We completely understand there could be normal wear and tear of the product, for which we do not charge.
  • However, at the time of quality check, if we find any physical damage or non-functionality of the product due to harsh usage, we deduct the amount from your security deposit.
  • If in case, the damage is major and amount exceeds security deposit, you will be informed to pay for the actual charges.

9) How much do I need to pay and when?

At the time of placing the order, you have to pay the security deposit and  your first month rent. Upon completion of 1 month we will be sending you a payment link to your registered email id and contact number using which you can make payment for your products every month.

10) What is the billing cycle?

Payment should be made online on/before the 30th day from the day of delivery via the link provided by us on your registered email id and contact number. Late fee of Rs. 100 per day per product is applicable for late payment. (Monthly rental period calculation is based on date of delivery.)

11) What if the product is faulty?

All our products are checked for quality before delivery, however in case any product ordered is faulty, repairs will be taken care by us at the earliest. If we are unable to repair, the product will be replaced by us.

12) What about maintenance and repairs?

You can call our call center number to lodge a complaint for any maintenance or repair, this will be address by our service team within next 48 hours.

13) Who is going to install the appliances if I rent from you?

We will provide you with one-time installation when we deliver the product to the given address.

14) Where do you operate?

We are currently operating only in Bangalore.

15) What if I need to return the products before the selected tenure?

Yes you can return the product before the tenure.

You have to pay the balance amount as per below criteria:

  • If there is early termination of contract, you will still be liable to pay rent for remaining months.

16) Do I need to have an account on InstaRents to book the product?

Yes, you need an account of InstaRents to be able to rent a product. You can also use your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts to register yourself with us.

17) What happens if I return the product late?

For a delay of

  • Up to 2 hours – no extra charge
  • 2 – 12 hours – 1 day of rental value
  • 12 Hours – one day’s rental charges for every 12 hours henceforth.