Renting out made so easy!

Insta-Earning! Make your idle products earn for you!

At InstaRents we believe there is a better way to look at your unused products like Appliances, Furniture, Digital camera, Laptops, Gaming, Musical Instruments, Fitness equipment and more. They are not your liabilities anymore!
We provide you an innovative yet more valuable channel where you can earn just by renting out your product through InstaRents. We are obsessively passionate about this thought, and our mission is to help people achieve it. All you need to do is create an account with InstaRents and follow the below simple and easy steps! Be rest assured, we ease the remaining work. Of- course, rental amounts are what you will earn!

Take Snap! Upload & Done!



We tried to place a fancy tab to upload the product image, but for now, let's keep it simple just click on the below "Upload Now" icon and fill in few basic demographic information.

Fill in the product details that you would prefer renting out. Here you are given the opportunity to showcase your hidden photography skills, hence click a few amazing pictures and upload them on the page

And there you go, just relax!

Transportation matters? We are here to assist you!


 Once the product is approved by our hardworking operations team, we will list your product on our platform which usually takes 48 Hrs.

Based on demand, when the product is booked on our website, our team will reach you within 24hrs to provide you the pickup details of your product.

Its time to keep the product packed, you are free to welcome our representative with a glass of water once they arrive to pick the product.

Let your appliances help others by serving their needs.


Greet your appliance home after hardworking labor accomplished by it



When you receive back the product kindly check that it's in the functional condition. If any concern please bring it to our notice within 24Hrs so that we resolve it.

Oh! We missed to mention along with your appliance you receive it's rental earning as well. Hence this calls for a celebration

Therefore, why sell old or unused products when you can earn by just renting them out? 

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