You move into a new city, new job, new apartment, that’s great! Now your biggest challenge is to furnish your apartment and set it up.

Now it’s time for you to run into all possible markets and search for the products to furnish your apartment. Wait! It’s 2017 and it’s renting era. In new renting era buying new or second hand products is a past thing. Let’s help you on to understand this in a much better way.

Packing and Moving

When you furnish your apartment with new products such as Appliances, Furniture it is a tough task to begin with. To make things worse, once the lease runs out, you’re left with two options: either you deal with the hassle of moving the furniture yourself (which is nigh on impossible), or you pay a premium to have it moved by packers and movers.

This issue can be solved easily when you rent products with InstaRents which offers free delivery, installation and reverse pick up, with this moving into a new apartment seem like a breeze.

Value for Money

The value for new furniture or appliance depreciates at a rate of knots — so when you buy a second hand piece, its value is bound to plummet even quicker.

With Renting you can pick the perfect piece luxurious appliance, furniture with very small amount of renting charges every month so you enjoy the perks of incredible products for a bargain.


Now the toughest part with products is maintenance, appliance or furniture will have wear and tear, break down on regular basis and you never know how much money you’ll have to spend to maintain it, is it really worth it?

This issue can be resolved when you rent products from InstaRents which offers you free maintenance and if there’s a loose hinge or a scratch or two, rest assured, our team will fix it for you, free of cost.


When you buy a piece of second hand app furniture, you have no clue as to how many times it has been repaired, or how the previous owner used it.

Renting, on the other hand, ensures that you get the best of furniture in a perfect condition — and, hypothetically, even if it is, the next point more than covers it.

Hope that helped, keeping everything in mind, why would you want to buy products over renting ever again?

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