Terms & Conditions

InstaRents Rental Terms and conditions

This Agreement is made by and between INSTARENTS (Lessor), and the Lessee (Customer) listed on the online rental and purchase order form. The Lessee hereby agrees to rent the product from INSTARENTS as specified in the rental and purchase order completed by the Lessee from INSTARENTS, according to the following terms:

1. Rental Term:

The term of the rental will be as per the contract period taken by the lessee.The contract period shall not be terminated before the completion of tenure. If there is case of early termination, the lessee has to pay rent for agreed tenure and minimum of 7 days prior notice to be given for pickup of the product.

2. Rental& Deposit Policy:

✔  Lessee agrees to pay the rental and deposit fee as specified in the rental and purchase order for the rental of the Product plus applicable sales tax.

✔  Lessee will pay the full refundable deposit amount online while placing the order. Monthly rental has to be paid online before the commencement of second month to avoid late fee of INR 100/day.

✔  Lessee will receive email on the registered email id every month 5 days prior to the payment date. The deposit does not carry any monthly rent, as it is only for security deposit which takes care of defaulters and damages (IF ANY).

✔  Lessor has complete (physical) rights to take back the rented product from lessee in case if default dated monthly rental is not paid after 1 week of due date.

3. Delivery Policy:

✔  The Product will be delivered directly to the Lessee’s residence or apartment as specified by Lessee’s, provided the Lessee complies with the terms and conditions as per delivery terms.

✔  The delivery date and time will be sent to Lessee’s email address or text mode. The delivery period will be 24 working hrs to 72 working hrs.

✔  Lessee agrees to be in their residence or apartment during the date specified in the email for the delivery, agrees to meet delivery.

✔  Once the product is accepted by lessee or his/her representative at time of delivery, the product will not replace before completion of tenure, unless if the delivered product has any major defects or non-functional, though the Quality check will be done before the delivery of product.

✔   If there are any damages found by lessee at the time of delivery then it shall be notified to the representative of lessor, as photos can be taken for reference.

4. Cancellation Policy:

✔  Once the product is successfully delivered, If customer cancels the order, complete rental amount will be deducted.

✔   Once delivery is scheduled, Delivery / Pickup charges will be deducted along with 50% of Rental fee.

5. Lift and Movement Terms:

✔   For Lessees at Apartments or residence that do not allow access to deliver and install the Product, Lessee agrees to pick up the Product on the date and at a location on their own.

✔  Lessee should get the permission for entry of vehicle and deliver of the product inside the premises. Lessee also has to arrange for permission to use the lift.

✔   Extra labour charges will incur in case if lessee fails to get the permission to use the lift OR if there is no lift in the premises for delivery of the product.

✔   If the lessee decided to arrange himself for the labour to carry the items, the lessee shall be bear any damage incurred during shifting of the product.

✔   If Lessee requests to move the Product after delivery has been made (room changes) the charge will be extra which will be informed to lessee on later.

✔  Lessee may move the Product to a new residence themselves, but Lessee must notify us through email immediately to obtain its prior written consent and new set of documents to be submitted so that account can be updated.

6. Obligations and Warranty Policy:

✔   Lessee shall, during the Rental Term, keep and maintain the Product in good working condition.

✔  Upon written notification by Lessee, at its own expense and option, replace or repair the product that fails to operate normally, except those which are damaged through:

a) misuse, negligence, abuse, accident, liquid spills, fire, theft, carelessness, willful act, irresponsible use, or other external causes by the Lessee or during Lessee’s possession or

b) war or nuclear incident, terrorism, unauthorized attempts to repair the product, use of damaged or defective media or other products , accessories, or peripherals with the Product, or alteration or modification of the Product in any way.

7. Damage or Loss Policy:

✔  If there is any damage, loss or theft (disappearance) of items from any cause or fault, the lessee agrees to pay for its full market price if the product is beyond repair.

✔  Lessee shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage to the Product from any cause whatsoever, except for manufacturer defects.

✔   The Lessee shall reimburse for any and all loss or damage to the Product from any cause whatsoever. If Legal action is required to recover said losses, Lessee shall reimburse reasonable attorney fees.

8. Pick-Up Policy:

✔  7 days prior lessee has to inform lessor to end of contract, if lessee wants to close or extend the contract.

✔  Details of pickup arrangements will be sent to Lessee’s registered email address submitted by Lessee with the order form.

✔  Lessor will notify the Lessee of the proper date and time on which it will be picked up. Lessee agrees to be in their residence or apartment on the date and time specified in the email for pickup. If Lessee fails to be present on the correct return date and time, extra logistics charges will be charged by lessor to the lessee.

✔   The photos will be matched taken during the delivery to check for any damages.

9. New, Used, Refurbished:

All the products provided under this Agreement may be new, used, or refurbished determined at the sole discretion of Lessor.

10. Refund Policy:

✔ Once the pickup product gets QC approved, the full refundable deposit amount will be credited back to account of lessee. The credit period will vary on bank to bank. Usual credit period is 3-7 banking days.

✔ The account details shall be shared by lessee to lessor for transferring of the refundable deposit amount.

✔ In case of any damage found, the damage cost will be recovered from the refundable deposit amount after ascertaining the damage cost.

11. Cancellation:

Instarents reserves the right to cancel any rental order at any time for any reason without liability. If Instarents cancels a rental and purchase order before delivery of the Product, Instarents will provide a full refund of the Rental Fee .The above refunds will be the sole remedy of Lessee in the event of cancellation by Instarents.

12. Modification:

This agreement may not be modified without the written consent of the parties.